Since 2007 offers inhouse workshops to international graduate schools in fields of life science, biomedical research and all medical disciplines in natural sciences.

A high percentage of PhD students aspire towards careers in pharmaceutical industry. Due to high competition graduate students try to specify their CV to improve indivdual situation. Training of specific biotech keywords (e.g. GMP, Regulatory Affairs, Risk Management, Validation) is one possibility. provides training of PhD students for prospective biotech jobs with regard on these keywords.

Two workshops are offered as 1-day block course performed as interactive sessions:

1) Project Management in Biotech Industries

2) Biotech Quality Manager - Job Insights and Training





- What does biotech industry expect from young PhDs?
- Which keywords are essentiell for applications and interviews?
- What is daily routine of project managers in leading positions in biotech industry?


This workshop addresses PhD students and their intention of entering biotech industry after finishing PhD thesis. Daily routine of biotech project managers
will be illustrated and useful tools and strategies for successfull access to pharmaceutical industries will be transferred.